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Zoo 2010 DVDrip 2010
informationx ZOO [2010] DVDrip [RMVB] Single Link TG
Language: Malay
Format: RMVB
Subtitle: None

genre ZOO [2010] DVDrip [RMVB] Single Link TG
Action | Comedy
synopsisl ZOO [2010] DVDrip [RMVB] Single Link TG
Mazlan Pet Pet plays a man who has an infatuation with animals but it’s the very reason that gets him sacked from most of his jobs. He then sells drinks opposite the zoo and eventually goes for an interview to be a security guard for the zoo. He eventually gets the job together with Encik Din (Bob Leman) and meets Shiela (Lisa Surihani) who says that most guards never make it past their first day, as there are many strange happenings during the night. After returning from a sick leave, he is suddenly accused for smuggling exotic animals out from the zoo. He then tries to find the culprit with the help of the animals and also Shiela.
screenshotop ZOO [2010] DVDrip [RMVB] Single Link TG
thumbs20100813230554 ZOO [2010] DVDrip [RMVB] Single Link TG
downloadfr ZOO [2010] DVDrip [RMVB] Single Link TG

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